5 New Years Resolutions to Help Combat Anxiety 

5 New Years Resolutions to Help Combat Anxiety 

January, the start of a new year, can be a great time to take stock of your life and well-being. It can be a wonderful time to reset and ask yourself “how are you?” It can be a great opportunity to make positive changes or resolutions—especially when it comes to your mental health. 

But, often people set resolutions that are too grand and daunting, and then they ultimately give up. While it is ok to dream big, it is also important to make goals and resolutions that are realistic and attainable. Small changes in our day-to-day can often lead to bigger lifestyle changes. At Whole Journey, our counselors and therapists frequently work with clients on setting goals that can help improve their overall mental health. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues we see. It can be overwhelming and debilitating, which is why our counselors have created this list of five resolutions to help combat anxiety. We hope they guide you as you set your own goals for the new year. 

1.) Accept and Name it 

It is ok to suffer from anxiety. It is not something you can hide from and it is not helpful to keep denying that it is what is causing you to struggle sometimes. Instead, embrace it. Practice acceptance. Say out loud to yourself that you are “anxious.”. By accepting that you have anxiety you can start to take action to help address symptoms, like practicing breathing techniques, meditation, and mindfulness. 

anxiety resolutions2.) Talk it Out 

Once you have accepted that you are struggling with anxiety you can start to identify potential triggers, comfort zones, and when it’s time for a break. Share that information with trusted family and friends. Being open with others will help them to take appropriate action to help you in times of struggle. It can also help you to feel supported, comforted, and cared for in times of uncertainty and overwhelm. Speaking with a therapist or counselor about your anxiety can also help you to gain coping tools and ease fears and concerns. The worst thing you can do is keep it all bottled up. 

3.) Prioritize Self-Care

Making sure you meet your basic needs every day is going to have a big impact on keeping anxiety symptoms at bay. Things like getting enough sleep each night, eating healthy foods, being active, and taking breaks can make a big difference in helping you feel your best. Sleep, especially, can be a huge trigger for anxiety sufferers. Taking action to cut back on caffeine, turn off devices, and set a regular bedtime can help improve sleep quality and duration. 

anxiety resolutions4.) Cut Back on Clutter 

Living or working in a cluttered environment makes it difficult to concentrate. Clutter can make things feel out of control in our lives, which leads to increased stress and anxiety. Instead of saving decluttering for spring cleaning, consider tackling a closet or area of a room each week. Slowly working through your spaces to cut back on clutter will increase your sense of control and overall well-being. 

5.) Move More

Physical movement can help to decrease stress hormones and increase the feel-good endorphins in your body. Planning small ways to increase physical activity in your life can have major changes in your stress levels, sleep quality, and overall health. It could be as simple as taking a walk when you are feeling anxious instead of turning to unhealthy habits like high-fat/sugary foods or substances like alcohol. 

anxiety resolutionsGet Help

If your anxiety is impacting your job, relationships, or personal habits, you may want to consider getting help from a trusted counselor or therapist. Therapy can give you a new perspective and help you work through feelings in a healthy way.

Whole Journey’s approach to treating your anxiety involves a holistic and integrative approach to treating anxiety. We can use a wide range of modalities. CBT is our primary modality, but we use techniques from mindfulness, stress tolerance, ACT, and EFT. You can read more on our website. 

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