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Welcome To Our Chesapeake, VA Office

1736 S. Park Court, Suite 201
Chesapeake, VA 23320

Our Chesapeake office is located in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake, VA. We’re on the second floor to your immediate right. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to accommodate clients requiring access via an elevator. However, our clinicians can provide online counseling via a HIPAA secured site

Once clients enter the lobby, we aim to provide a peaceful environment. Feel free to enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks in the lobby. In an effort to increase relaxation and to reduce distractions for clients, we ask that cell phones be placed on vibrate or silenced even while waiting for others to be serviced. We ask that calls be taken outside of the office suite and have a designated area outside of our suite.

Walk & Talk Therapy sessions are typically held at the beautiful, serene Oak Grove Lake Park in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Location Information

If you are using the interstate to visit us, we are right off I-64, Exit 289A Greenbrier Pkwy. There is a U-Haul and car dealership at the corner of the busiest intersection closest to us. Click on the map for directions from your starting point.

  • 3 minutes to Chesapeake Convention Center
  • 3 minutes to Kroger
  • 5 minutes to Greenbrier Mall
  • 6 minutes to Oak Grove Lake Park
  • 7 minutes to Regent University
  • 9 minutes to Chesapeake Regional Medical Center
  • 11 minutes to Kempsville Center for Behavioral Health
  • 14 minutes to MacArthur Mall
  • 14 minutes to Norfolk State University
  • 19 minutes to Old Dominion University
  • 20 minutes to Chesapeake Square Mall

Our Chesapeake, VA Therapists

LaSaun Dozier

Counselor, Supervisor

Lisa Muller


Tarria Lanier image
Tarria Lanier


Mary Davies

Clinical Sup., Lead Counselor

Nikissia Craig

CEO & Founder

We Are Unique

At our office in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA), we are proud and very excited to combine traditional and integrative approaches to emotional difficulties and challenges that you or your loved-onse may be facing. We stand out in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA) as a private, boutique-style practice, where you are more than just a number to us. We have designed our practice to it feel intentionally intimate, yet inclusive. We have organized our office spaces to promote relaxation and ease while working through your inner-most needs with a compassionate and highly-trained professional. The uniqueness of every person is highly valued to us and that is why we use a whole-person approach to addressing your specific needs and goals … Welcome!

Professional Counseling & Therapy In Chesapeake, Virginia (VA)

It can be difficult to navigate the various challenges that life throws your way. When you require additional support, seeing a mental health therapist can be the right solution. Whole Journey Services is your mental health counselor in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA) offering professional therapy that helps you overcome obstacles in your life. We customize our treatment strategies depending on your unique needs for comprehensive care that makes a difference to your life.

Mental Health Therapy Services In Chesapeake, Virginia (VA)

With the team at Whole Journey Services, you can benefit from professional counseling in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA) that caters to your needs. Our mental health services include depression counseling to overcome the lack of happiness and motivation you feel, anxiety, PTSD and grief counseling, women issues, men’s issues, college student issues, LGBTQIA issues and more. We specialize in treating kids and families, with child counseling available to ensure that your kids can live happy and well-adjusted lives. Our caring and compassionate service will help you overcome any challenge with confidence and peace of mind.

PTSD Treatment and Trauma Therapy Services In Chesapeake, VA

No one is immune to pain. Experiencing trauma of any kind can leave emotional, mental, and physical scars. While you or others might want to move on, it’s not that easy to jump back into life. That is why beginning PTSD treatment and trauma therapy is necessary to begin understanding what is going on.

We want to encourage you that recovery is possible. That is why we have skilled professionals that specialize in PTSD treatment and trauma therapy. At our Whole Journey office in Chesapeake, VA, our professional counselors and therapists understand the challenges of these life-altering experiences and provide trauma-focused therapy to help you and your loved-ones to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Anxiety Counseling & Therapy Services In Chesapeake, Virginia (VA)

Anxiety is overwhelming. It can be hard to pinpoint what exactly triggers the anxious behaviors, but all you know is that it can consume your whole world. Which can make it difficult to carry on throughout the day.

Our anxiety therapists understand that changes in your mood can be due to a variety of factors. A commonality between most mood issues is that your suffering can feel like a heavy cloud that just won’t lift. You may struggle to find the motivation to get through the difficult days. Whether it’s hormonal, biological, or situational, meeting with an experienced counselor can assist you with getting to the root of the issue.

Ask Us About Counseling & Therapy For Grief and Loss Offered At Our Chesapeake, VA Office

Take the steps towards better mental health with professional counseling offered in Chesapeake, VA by the team at Whole Journey Services. Let us create a customized care plan that helps you to learn new skills to help you to navigate through life. For more information, or for an appointment, call our Chesapeake, VA office today at: (757) 296-0800.

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You are not alone. Whether the issue you are facing is new or whether you have been carrying what feels like a burden for years, we want you to know there is relief. Oftentimes, we feel that we are stuck with the problems of today, the pain from our past, and the uncertainty of the future. We are here to help you address these issues with a fresh perspective.

Our Full Suite of Services …

We realize counseling is a commitment of your time, energy, trust and finances. For that reason, we focus on helping you with our specialty areas.

Emotional Difficulties

At Whole Journey, we realize that everyone experiences struggles, fears, and difficulties from time to time…

Work & Career Issues

Does your life feel consumed by work? Are you an overachiever always trying to be the best? Are you feeling overwhelmed …


No one is immune from pain. Experiencing trauma of any kind can leave scars that present many challenges emotionally…

Grief and Loss

You will lose someone you can’t live without, and your heart will be badly broken, and the bad news is that you never…

Women’s Issues

Women face a variety of issues throughout the course of life that are often overlooked. Whether it’s due to how you were…

Men’s Issues

Men face a variety of issues throughout the course of life that are often overlooked, misdiagnosed and misunderstood…


We understand that there can be daily challenges of overcoming stigma, living as your authentic self, and ongoing family…

People of Color Issues

There is no one way to be a person of color. However, there are often common experiences among the African American experience…

Life Transition

Change is constant–and even when change is good, it can be tough to navigate. Transitions bring new challenges, new routines…