Work & Career

Work & Career

Does your life feel consumed by work? Are you an overachiever always trying to be the best? Are you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out? Are you having trouble striking a balance? Or maybe you fear rejection and lack confidence so you aren’t speaking up at the office. Maybe you are new to the job or are different than your coworkers and it is leaving you feeling small and insecure. We understand. At Whole Journey, we help clients to achieve a manageable work/life balance. We also help clients who are fearful of stepping up to the plate, and those in need of a self-confidence boost.  We can help you to dig deeper within to determine what you really want out of your career. We can help you to make strides for a better, more fulfilling path.

Helping Professionals

As a helping professional, our hearts are often in the right place but our minds can often feel strained with the demands of our personal and professional lives. You’ve found work that you may be passionate about but the hamster wheel of the day-to-day pressures may be distracting you from dealing with your own deeper issues. Often times, we’re motivated to help others for a living because of a personal connection or a deeper driving force to be about a mission bigger than ourselves. At Whole Journey, we help you honor yourself and the work you do by helping you make the investment in your own self-care, mental health and overall wellness.


As a leader, many do not understand how lonely and isolating of a position your success may feel at times. It’s one thing to read well on paper, and another to lack life satisfaction and passion due to the carrying the burdens of all the responsibilities your professional life encompasses. We understand what it’s like feel overwhelmed by by what seems like never-ending duties. You may even question how you got to where you are and if you want to truly be there. We can help you connect with your true self and improve the relationship you’re having with yourself and your career. We can help you sort through the titles, the many hats and identities that you feel might be holding you back from fully experiencing your life.

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    – Les Brown

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