Meet the Team

Meet the Whole Team

We’re open for in-person and virtual appointments. We provide counseling throughout Virginia and North Carolina. We’re people like you, who understand that everyone experiences difficulties at times, and we want to use our expertise to help you grow and heal.

Meet the Whole Team


Amanda Smith

The focus of my career has been on helping children and families who have experienced trauma such as abuse, neglect, domestic violence, loss of a loved one, or a family member’s substance abuse. For the past six years, I have also had the opportunity to help military families build resiliency during the unique experiences of the military lifestyle.

Lucy Cary

I understand that most of us want to feel happy and hopeful in our lives, but are you anxious, stressed, angry, lost, or disconnected? I can support you in feeling healthier, more balanced, and more connected in your life.

Brittany Flora

A counselor should be your soundboard. A place where you can be seen and heard without judgment. Do you often feel like there is no one to go to when you are having overwhelming thoughts? Maybe you feel like you have burned out all your options or don’t want to bother the people around you with your worries? When you hit a low, do people tell you what you did wrong, what you should have done, and make you feel worse? If you asked for help, did you feel shamed for doing so and questioned if asking for help was even worth it? This is exactly what I want to undo. My role is to be side-by-side with you navigating these complex emotions and situations so that you can find the power in your voice, your body, and your strengths. My goal as a counselor is to be that positive, and reassuring environment where you can be you with all the quirks that uniquely make you – you.

LaSaun Dozier

I believe one of the most powerful tools we have in life is our voice. When we are silenced and not allowed the opportunity to express ourselves it can result in depression and anxiety. Over time it will impair our self-efficacy and value...

Meghan Hart

I work from the assumption that we are all doing the best we can, with what we know, and with the resources available to us. Therapy is the ideal place to expand our understanding of ourselves and add to the skills that keep us resilient during life’s challenges.
Clinical Supervisor, Lead Counselor

Mary Davies

I believe in the therapeutic process and consider it to consist of many forms. Each person is so unique and has their own story to tell in their own unique way and in their own time. The one thing I say to my clients in every first session, is, it starts with you. You choosing to show up to your appointment, you choosing to seek out support, encouragement, advice, a listening ear.

Linda Williams

It is my belief that every person has the power within to overcome any obstacle. This can be a challenge to recognize in the midst of pain. I am honored to hold a safe, confidential (HIPAA compliant), non-judgmental space for you to explore that power. Part of this process may include times when it is not easy, joyous, or comfortable; in fact, there may be time when you may want to give up. My role is to walk alongside you in that exploration, sit with you when those challenging seem like hindrances, and work with you to cultivate those opportunities for growth. You do not have to be alone, and with me, you won’t be.
Clinical Supervisor, Lead Counselor

Sarah Mines

My main goal in therapy is to empower you. In my opinion, there does not have to be something “wrong” to come to counseling. We can target whatever areas of your life you would like to improve and we will work as a team to achieve your goals...

Denise Simpson

When one seeks out therapy, I believe they are saying that they want a change. Sometimes we need someone to listen and ask questions so that the processing of thoughts and feelings can be done in a nonjudgmental way. The answers come from within and I am just a guide along the healing journey.

Tasha Howard

I earned my Bachelors and Masters of Social Work Degrees from Norfolk State University. With fourteen years, my clinical specialties include: school behavior, anxiety, divorce, foster care/adoption, broken trust/communication in relationships, anxiety and parental burnout, anxiety, and parental burnout.
Office Manager

Robyn Hirschberg

Hi, I’m Robyn Hirschberg, the Office Manager, at Whole Journey. I have been working as support staff for over twenty years, maybe longer, if babysitting as a teenager is considered support staff. It is very fulfilling to be apart of the Whole Journey team and to do whatever I can to assist the staff, therapists, and clients to the best of my ability. I aim to bring a friendly, professional, and caring atmosphere to every face and every voice I come in contact with. In my free time, I enjoy spoiling my dog, playing video games, and hiking.
CEO & Founder

Nikissia Craig

I grew up in a military family and spent most of my childhood living overseas and in the southeast. I was inspired by the experiences of meeting and connecting with people from various backgrounds and cultures during my childhood...