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As Women We Are Relational, But Sometimes We Struggle

Women face a variety of issues throughout the course of their life. This is often overlooked. Whether it’s due to childhood, your environment, or society, you may feel ashamed and alone in your struggles. You may have been taught to take care of others first and to attend to your needs second. These practices can worsen the emotional and mental distress you’re experiencing. You do not need to suffer alone.

Young adult women sitting on bed writing down notes on CBT from therapy. If you're struggling to overcome negative thoughts, then beginning therapy for women can help. Don't let society define women's issues for you. Begin online counseling or in-person at our Richmond, VA, Chesapeake, VA office today!It is not uncommon to struggle with relationships, intimate or social. There are periods in life when your plans may not go the way you hope. Some women feel weak due to divorce, singleness, or not having biological children. Some women feel alone because their friends and families do not support them. You may be struggling as a mother, have a desire for children, or are an empty nester. Getting support from a counselor can assist you with addressing your fears. Or if you’re dealing with other underlying issues that may be affecting your ability to thrive, therapy for women can help!

Common Challenges:

  • Domestic violence/intimate partner violence
  • Trauma (sexual, emotional, mental, verbal, physical)

Counseling for Depression and Anxiety Treatment

Changes in mood can be due to a variety of factors. A well-known difference between most mood issues is that it can feel like a heavy cloud that just won’t lift.  However, it can be hard to put this into words. Some people have healthier things that can help them, but they struggle to find the motivation to make changes. Others may not know where to start. Whether it’s physical, environmental, or situational, meeting with a therapist who works with women’s issues can help. Together you will get to the root of the issue.

Common Challenges:

  • Excessive worry about everyday things
  • Racing thoughts
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to control worries
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Sad mood
  • Feeling helpless or hopeless
  • Loss of appetite

Therapy for Women Can Help You with Life Transitions

Happy mother beginning on laptop in living room. Women's issues can be helped by beginning therapy for women in North Carolina or Virginia. Begin womens therapy today with a skilled therapist today!Determining the next steps of any phase of life can be challenging. We often struggle with the “shoulds.” “I should be (here) by now.” These expectations of yourself and others can create additional pressure. This may worsen emotional and mental distress. Whether you’re trying to adjust to a new relational status or career dilemma, our counselors are able to affirm your experiences. Together, you will understand what you have been going through in therapy for women in North Carolina or Virginia. 

Common Challenges:

  • Lack of confidence/ self-esteem issues
  • Confusion/indecisiveness
  • Impulsive decision-making

Counseling for Women’s Issues Can Help

Group of happy diverse women standing together and posing. If you're a mom, professional, student, or anyone in between therapy for women in North Carolina and Virginia is for you. Begin therapy for womens issues in Richmond, VA, Chesapeake, VA. Women's therapy can help!

The pressures fears and weight of caring for the needs of others can take a toll on your happiness, well-being, and balance over the years. Without sorting through the identities and obligations that we face every day, we can begin to experience depression, anxiety, irritability, stress, and a host of other issues. Getting therapy for women in Virginia and North Carolina with any of our therapists can be a powerful tool for feeling empowered and authentic in your life.

Our Approach to Therapy for Women in North Carolina and Virginia:

Therapists at Whole Journey are skilled at treating women’s issues. Our therapists are going to understand the challenges that come along with showing up in this world as a woman. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, relational, or a combination of factors, your therapist is going to support you. Your therapist will be able to help you create a plan for yourself that encompasses your strengths, uniqueness, and goals. Counseling for women’s issues in Charlotte, NC, Chesapeake, VA, Richmond, VA, and throughout North Carolina may include an evaluation of your sleep habits, your diet, your exercise regimen, and your self-care habits.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Women’s Issues

Women can often relate to each other, and your counselor at Whole Journey will be able to understand where you are coming from. And why you feel the way you feel. One of the primary forms of treatment used in counseling is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT. CBT has been proven to be very effective in treating a wide variety of mental health and emotional concerns. With CBT, you’ll learn how to identify ways of thinking that negatively and positively impact you. Your counselor will be able to give you tools to think and cope from a healthier place, emotionally and behaviorally. We will also teach you tools to cope with negative thoughts when they arise through techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, and distress tolerance.

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Group of happy women smiling at camera. If you're ready to begin working through the chaos that life throws, then consider therapy for women in Virginia and North Carolina. Start feeling like yourself again after talking about common women's issues in women's therapy. Begin working with a skilled online counselor today!If you’re having a hard time showing up, counseling may be for you. As a confident, empowered, authentic, and happy woman you deserve the best. At our online Virginia and North Carolina counseling practice, we can help you overcome many women’s issues you may be facing. If you’re looking for in-office counseling, we are located in Charlotte, NC, Chesapeake, VA, and Richmond, VA. Regardless of how you see us, we have caring therapists/counselors who specialize in treating women’s issues. To start your therapeutic journey, follow these simple steps:

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3. Start recovering one step at a time.

Other Mental Health Services at Whole Journey

Therapy for women in Virginia and North Carolina counseling practice isn’t the one service we offer. Other mental health services Whole Journey provides include anxiety treatment, couples counseling, LGBTQIA+ issueswalk and talk therapy, PTSD treatment and trauma therapy, and child counseling and wellness. We also help with depression, men’s issues, medical illness, cancer counseling, and counseling for life transitions, and kids and family. Finally, we work through counseling for people of colorgrief and losswork and careercounseling for millennials, and group workshops and classes. We look forward to walking through this time with you as you become the empowered women you desire to be. Begin therapy in our Charlotte, NC, Chesapeake, VA, and Richmond, VA locations today!

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