Benefits of Trauma-Focused Therapy

Benefits of Trauma-Focused Therapy

Understand Your Trauma –  Trauma therapy allows you to process and understand why certain thoughts, feelings, and behaviors occur. Understanding your experiences can help you shift from feeling helpless to feeling more empowered in your life. You may also feel that being able to get explanations for your experiences also reminds you that you are not alone in your experiences.

Acknowledgement – A foundation of trauma-focused therapy is providing acknowledgement of what you have been through. Our counselors will be able to create a safe space for your experiences to truly be heard without judgment or shame.

Re-Establish Safety -Surviving trauma often results in feeling violated. Violation often threatens your sense of safety. These violations can exist in a variety of ways: physical, emotionally, psychologically, and relationally. Trauma-focused therapy can assist you in restoring safety and developing a new normal.

Develop Healthy Coping Skills- Trauma shapes how you see yourself and the world. Many survivors experience triggers emotionally, physically, mentally, and in their relationships. From behaviors to relationships, it can be difficult to not feel overwhelmed at times by triggering experiences and memories. Trauma-focused therapy helps you learn and develop healthier coping skills.

Rebuild Your Sense of Self – Trauma often results in experiences of low self-esteem, shame, and depression that can affect how you feel about yourself. Over time, you will have the opportunity to process your experiences and reframe how you view yourself and your trauma. Trauma therapy can help you feel more empowered to shape your life again and to find meaning in your life after trauma.

Decrease Traumatic Stress SymptomsTrauma often results in a variety of mental health symptoms: depression, anxiety, dissociation, shame, guilt, and intrusive symptoms such as flashbacks and nightmares. Over time, while working consistently with a counselor or therapist, you can experience a decrease in the intensity or frequency of these symptoms.

Whole Journey’s Integrative Approach to Trauma:

There is emerging research into the benefits of integrative, trauma-focused activities that support emotional recovery from trauma. Some of our office locations provide massage therapy, reiki, meditation and trauma-informed yoga sessions or workshops to increase your sense of safety. Contact us to receive more information about our integrative services.

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