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Mary Davies

February 2, 2021
I believe in the therapeutic process and consider it to consist of many forms. Each person is so unique and has their own story to tell in their own unique...

Deidra Sledge

By: admin
August 2, 2019
What’s your story? It is my commitment to you to honor your story, help you find meaning in your story, and to move forward into a better chapter. It is...

Sarah Mines

By: admin
August 1, 2019
My main goal in therapy is to empower you. In my opinion, there does not have to be something “wrong” to come to counseling. We can target whatever areas of...

Denise Simpson

By: admin
July 6, 2019
As a therapist it is my goal to help facilitate the healing process for those that I work with. I want to help one become more secure, connected, emotionally stable,...

Nikissia Craig

By: admin
February 3, 2021
I grew up in a military family and spent most of my childhood living overseas and in the southeast. I was inspired by the experiences of meeting and connecting with...

Jeannine Moga

By: admin
June 21, 2019
I believe that life is both beautiful and incredibly difficult, and that having the right kind of support can make us feel less overwhelmed and a lot more capable. My...

Jill Zaricor

October 18, 2020
My framework in therapy is connection and compassion. I strive to create a warm, welcoming space where you can feel safe to express yourself fully. Whether I am working with...

LaSaun Dozier

By: admin
June 18, 2019
I believe one of the most powerful tools we have in life is our voice. When we are silenced and not allowed the opportunity to express ourselves it can result...